Photoshoot /Day Rate
AED 2500

Personalized Private Makeup Lesson
AED 2500
*Group rates & workshops available upon request

Bridal Makeup
AED 3500

*Includes initial consultation
*AED 500 for each additional member

For special requests, pro classes & events please use the Contact form.


Classes are typically taught in 3 main parts:

1//  The first hour is spent going through your “kit” whereby you show me how you apply your daily makeup, or what you would do for a special occasion. It is important for me to be able to see how you apply makeup so I can point out where you can improve and make suggestions for new additions to your makeup wardrobe.

2//  The second hour is reserved for learning the basics of makeup and how it has evolved so you can better understand today’s products yet not be overwhelmed by the enormous selection available. This will help you understand what is best for you depending on your skin-type, taste and lifestyle. I will teach you to see your face in terms of “Light & Shadow” so you can create a flawless makeup foundation which will help your skin look polished and youthful without caking product on. This is also when we will go over your top personal questions (ie. What’s the best mascara for me? How can I cover these circles under my eyes?).

3//  The third hour is where you will get a chance to actually apply the concepts and tips learned on yourself. This is a very important step since you will be on your own once you get home and you need to feel comfortable actually applying these personalized techniques on yourself.  Skin changes as we age so you should be aware of how this will affect your makeup application and the colors you select even if you have been using the same product or color since you were a teenager. You could be needlessly making yourself look older than you are!

For all this, please be prepared to bring:

  • Your “kit” as outlined above
  • 2-3 looks that you would like to learn for yourself (email or print images so we can see and compare)
  • List of questions you would like me to address

Every woman should have a day, evening, office and special occasion/holiday look so keep this in mind when you are selecting images.

See you soon!